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Winnja Universal Hot Swap Sockets for Keyboard PCBs View larger

Winnja Universal Hot Swap Sockets for Keyboard PCBs

Winnja Universal Hotswap Sockets for Keyboards Switches

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10

These sockets allow your PCB to be hot-swappable, which means you can change out your switches whenever you want, however you want it. Only available at Winnja.

These tiny sockets are precisely made in the US, and they will need to be soldered to your PCB for a permanent and reliable connection. These won't fall out of your PCB ever! After these sockets are soldered in, keyboard switches made by Cherry, Gateron, or Kailh can be installed by a gentle push straight down. Specially constructed inside the sockets are little "leaves" or "hands" that grab onto the switch's own metal contact and hold the switch in place. You will feel a satisfying "click" that confirm proper placement.

These sockets are not Holtite sockets. The difference between our sockets and Holtite sockets is that our hot swap sockets offer the reliability of a soldered connection.

To remove a switch out of the socket, you can pull it straight out with a switch removal tool using just a little force (you can even use your hand if you have enough leverage).

These sockets are also designed with flanges, so that they will fit in PCB with variable pin holes size. If you're not sure about your PCB, you can test fit these sockets on your PCB without having to solder them in. We at Winnja have installed those switches and got excellent results with these PCBs:

  • B. Face/Winkeyless PCBs
  • Zeal60 PCBs
  • Original White Fox PCBs
  • GH60 PCBs

Minimum quantity for ordering is 10 sockets. Remember each switch requires 2 sockets. You just need to solder these sockets in once, and don't ever have to solder or de-solder another switch again.

  • For 60% keyboard PCBs, you'll need 130 sockets
  • For TKL keyboard PCBs, you'll need 180 sockets
  • For full-sized keyboard PCBs, you'll need 210 sockets