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GMK Plum Custom-Sleeved USB Cables Groupbuy - Closed

GMK Plum Custom-Sleeved USB Cables

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The groupbuy is closed, all orders have been shipped out. Thank you for your support! Please go here if you want to get GMK Plum cables as a custom order.

In collabration with Jessica, the designer of GMK Plum keyset, Winnja Team is pleased to introduce Winnja x Jessica GMK Plum Custom Sleeved USB cables. These cables will compliment nicely with the gorgeous colors of GMK Plum.

Accent color cables are sleeved with paracord. Alpha colors are double-sleeved with paracord and Techflex PET.

Estimated ship date: June 6, 2017 (coinciding with GMK Plum shipping date).

Groupbuy has limited quantities. Coiled cables will have 6" of coils with coils start near the USB Mini or USB Micro connector.

Please use Stripe as the payment method. No cancellation after groupbuy is close please.

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